The Colder Side of Global Warming

I’ve borrowed a concept from International Trade Negotiations called the “Most Favored Nation” principle.  It is usually found and applied in tariff and commercial trade situations between friendly nations.


The principle just means that equal and equitable treatment is sought for both me and the venues I use.


I try to take a “Most Favored Nation” approach to remuneration, in that I ask to be paid at the rate similar speakers and presenters are compensated under parallel circumstances in the same forum.  In this way I can speak to High Schools, non-profit groups, Corporate, and scientific audiences, each time on an “equal footing” with appropriate sensitivity to budgets of the organizations I visit.  In effect, some audiences subsidize others, but my message can reach a wider range of listeners this way, and everybody wins.  As you certainly know, my talk is (very heavily) science oriented, and I steer away from personal attacks on people taking one position or the other; I like to let the hard science and evidence focus the discussion, and my slides and videoclips drive home points on their own.


I visit mainly university, college and NOAA/NASA audiences throughout the nation and occasionally secondary school, corporate, and community groups.  To keep expenses down, I usually do so by group in the same region by prearrangement.


My presentations at corporate annual meetings, etc. are keyed to the industry of the particular audience and higher fees under those circumstances make sense.  Audience adjustment is part of the service anyway, and level of detail is always adjusted as appropriate for the venue in question.


Now if your potential audiences never pay outside speakers for somewhat similar presentations, then I shall do so at absolutely no charge.  If either has ever provided honoraria or reimbursed expenses on somewhat similar occasions, then I expect to be treated in a like manner.  The "Most Favored Nation” approach" just means that I am treated equally - no better, no worse.  Promptness of reimbursement is not an issue.  If a quarter or semester has to end before accounts are settled, that is not a problem.


Please e-mail me at < > if you have questions.  As I travel internationally for these presentations too, I hope you understand that occasionally my usual rapid response may take a bit longer.  


Thanks for your patience and interest !!!

Presentation honoraria, compensation,

and expense reimbursement