The Colder Side of Global Warming©

A speech and slide presentation on the SCIENCE behind Global Warming

The climate change resulting from the current acceleration of atmospheric and oceanic temperature trends, collectively known as "Global Warming," may well be extraordinarily counterintuitive. Fifty years ago Drs. Maurice Ewing and William Donn proposed a physical model that fit known climate variations in Earth's history, and recent data validates much of it. Slides, data, video clips, some in-depth insights into snowmelt, and even an updated Ewing/Donn oriented "solution to the problem" will be part of the discussion, as well as the impact of North Slope Drilling, the Kyoto accords, and Copenhagen/IPCC meetings.

Other Presentations:

                     The Rise of Albedo as a Major Driver of Climate

Satellite and Tide Gauge Accuracy in Sea Level Measurement

                   [   Why are they all different, and not just by trivial amounts???  ]

Tom Wysmuller lectures on Global Warming worldwide, to University, High School, and public/private organizations, usually on a "Most Favored Nation" basis.

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“Is Global Warming real?”

“Is the Arctic polar cap rapidly melting?”

“If the Arctic polar cap melts, will Florida be (1/4, 2/3, totally) under water?”

“Will Earth’s climate become like that of Venus?”

Some answers to these questions (and others) are very surprising!

Actual Comments:

“Absolutely Stunning slides and ‘non-political’ hard science.”

“I never knew it was so complex, and you walked us through beautifully!”

“A Jaw-Dropping presentation! Wow!!!”

“Your talk is still generating hallway conversations!” (NOAA NSSL seminar attendee).

"Tom Wysmuller was.....amazing." WRC (The Weather Research Center)

" EXCELLENT PRESENTATION ... filled with interesting, informative technical scientific data that told a story, and you expounded upon that story with so many interesting details ...")

RE: NASA JSC Gilruth Center Presentations: "... You put it all in perspective for the first time.  Thank you. It was nice to work with a real scientist again." (Walter Cunningham, Apollo Astronaut)


Thomas  Wysmuller of Ogunquit, Maine and Wethersfield, CT, passed away at the age of 77 on June 29th 2021 after a long fight with cancer.   This webpage will remain as a memorial to his work on climate change and global warming.

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